This Christmas Do Something Good..!

Did you talk about saving environment by asking people to not use firecrackers during Diwali? Save water during Holi?
If you did the above, this article is perfect or rather just for you!
(if you didn’t, no harm in reading something useful!)

We have received an Article by a True Secular Person pertaining to above:

“I have been noticing few things on occasions of festivals from past few years and I’ve reached below conclusion:
There are Two categories of festivals:

  1. Communal and Bad Festivals which Harm Environment (Diwali, Holi, Chhath Puja, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Raksha Bandhan, Dahi Handi, Karwa Chauth etc AKA all Hindu Festivals – These need Social Activism!)
  2. Secular and Good Festivals which Save Environment (Christmas, Halloween, Eid, New Years etc – These Re perfect, don’t need any Acticivism!)

As it is december now and communal regressive and environment harming Diwali is already gone, we will talk about secular progressive and environment friendly Christmas!
On Christmas, we progressively cut trees and light them up – saving environment and energy (electricity)! Our cakes and food preparations help reducing weight unlike some other festivals, whose Sweets make u gain weight!
Do you know that the Firecrackers which we burst emit oxygen instead of harmful gasses? This is what makes Christmas Firecrackers environment friendly!! It helps some world famous asthma patients like Priyanka Chopra breathe peacefully!
Many of you may not know this but Jesus (who was not a Jew at all btw) personally Cut a tree and used lights and sweet sugar cakes to celebrate his birthday!!

And for your information only around 15 crore(approx. 15,094,678) trees are cut in America alone, and it may come around 20 crore for the whole world but not a single more than that! So don’t believe in any other number by some bigots!
But I’m sure some of you will think all above is just bull shit and all! Buzz off you truth speaking communal hatemongers!! Only Communal Hindu Festivals need Environment & Social Activism.. Don’t bring your truth hate to our Secular Festival which don’t need Environment and Social Activism as explained above!

To sum it up,

“Tuada Festival, Festival..
Sada Festival, Social Acticivism?”

Let’s take a pledge to celebrate an eco friendly Christmas to save our environment!
Instead of cutting trees, let’s plant some trees!

Author- Vinay Kumar Giri

SaveTrees #SaveElectricity #SaveEnvironment #SavePlanet #EcoFriendlyChristmas

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