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We have well scholars, Acharya and Pandit ji across the Globe who have volunteered to help the devotional Hindus. These well known Scholars and Acharya are here to help, Feel free to ask any question and we will try our best to get answer to your query. Send an email to us – HinduTeachings@gmail.com

S Vishwadevanand

Acharya Swami

Swami Vishwadevanand has adopted to Sanyaasi Life in the year of 2013 with the objective to devote himself to almighty and serve the humanity. He is Acharya in Bramhpeeth Kailaash Ashram in Rishikeshm Uttrakhand. He is well versed with Geeta Gyaan, Upnishad and Vedas. If you have any question regarding any Vedic knowledge please right to us and Swami ji will provide your inputs on that.

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Yogesh Kumar

Pandit Jee

Yogesh Kumar Ji is a Hindu priest (Pandit ji) with immense knowledge to all kinds of Hindu Pooja. He has volunteered to help all the devotees for free consultation to Hindu Panchaning, Muhurat and suggestion you may need to perform a Poojalike Pooja samgari, when to do pooja what things to keep in mind. He is from Himanchal Pradesh , India and been to Canada for few years as well where he has been playing a key role in one of the Hindu temple. If you have any question related to Muhurat, Pooja, Samgari, Vidhi, please let us know and we will help.

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Dietitian Srishti Arora(Sakhi Dasi)

Dietitian Srishti Arora is India’s Vedic Science expert.

Dietitian Srishti Arora material name given by her parents. Srishti is India’s Vedic Science Nutrition expert, She runs a vocal camping on Hindu Vedic Food. Srishti has gifted with spiritual name by Shri Shri Premchandra mata ji under gaudiya Vaishnav samraday. By Grace of Guru Preamdhara Mata Ji at Radha Kund Govardhan. Srishti Arora (Sakhi Dasi) is running a vocal camping to promote Vedic food and nutrition.

Have any question related to Vedic Food or Sattvik Diet. please contact us for FREE consultation.

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