56 Bhog for Lord Jagannaath Ji

Lord Sri Jagannath’s bhoga offering from Jagannath Puri Dham Gundicha Mandir.

The main 56 items of CHAPANA BHOGA or MAHAPRASAD are as follows:

  1. Sadha Anna – Simple Rice water
  2. Kanika – Rice, Ghee and Sugar
  3. Dahi Pakhal – Curd Rice and water
  4. Ada Pakhal – Rice, Ginger and water
  5. Thali Khechedi – Lentil, Rice with Sugar and Ghee
  6. Ghea Anna – Rice mixed with Ghee
  7. Khechedi – Rice mixed with Lentil
  8. Mitha Pakhal – Rice , Sugar and water
  9. Oria Pakhal – Rice, Ghee, Lemon and Salt
  10. Khaja – Made of wheat
  11. Gaja – Made of wheat, sugar and Ghee
  12. Ladu – Made of wheat, sugar and Ghee
  13. Magaja Ladu
  14. Jeera Ladu
  15. Jagannath Ballav – Wheat, Sugar and Ghee
  16. Khuruma – Made of wheat, Sugar and Salt
  17. Mathapuli – Made of Ghee, Ginger and a kind of beans ground in to a thick paste
  18. Kakara – Made of Ghee and Wheat
  19. Marichi Ladu – Made of Wheat and Sugar
  20. Luni Khuruma – Made of Wheat, Ghee and Salt
    (Onreturn of Bahuda Yatra during Suna Vesha, Rasagolla are offered as Bhogas but on no other day Rasagollas are allowed for Bhog)
    Cakes, Pancakes and Patties
  21. Suar Pitha – Made of wheat and Ghee
  22. Chadai Lada – Made of Wheat, Ghee and Sugar
  23. Jhilli – Rice Flour, Ghee and Sugar
  24. Kanti – Rice Flour and Ghee
  25. Manda – Made of wheat and Ghee
  26. Amalu – Made of wheat, ghee and sugar
  27. Puri – Made of wheat and Ghee and deeply fried like a small thin pan cake
  28. Luchi – Made of Rice, Flour and Ghee
  29. Bara – Made of Curd, Ghee and a kind of beans
  30. Dahi Bara – Cake made of a kind of a beans and curd
  31. Arisa – A flat cake made of Rice flour and Ghee
  32. Tripuri – Another flat cake made of Rice, Flour and Ghee
  33. Rosapaik – A cake made of wheat and
    Milk Preparations
  34. Khiri – Milk, Sugar with Rice
  35. Papudi – Prepared from only the cream of milk
  36. Khua – Prepared out of Pure Milk slowly boiled over many hours to a soft custard like consistency
  37. Rasabali – Made of Milk, Sugar and Wheat
  38. Tadia – Made of fresh cheese, sugar and Ghee
  39. Chhena Khai – Made of fresh Cheese, milk and sugar
  40. Bapudi Khaja – cream of milk, sugar and ghee
  41. Khua Manda – Made of milk, wheat and Ghee
  42. Sarapulli – This is the most famous and most difficult milk dish to prepare. It is made of pure milk boiled slowly for hours and spread in to a large pizza shaped pan.
    Curry with Vegetables
  43. Dali
  44. Biri dali
  45. Urid Dal
  46. Muga Dal
  47. Dalama – This is one of the typical dishes in Oriya Home. It is a combination of Dahl and Vegetable. Usually eggplant, beans, sweet potato and tomatoes, although tomatoes are not used in Temple preparations. Coconuts and a dried root of vegetables known as Bodhi which looks like a mush room and is high in protein are added.
  48. Maur
  49. Besar
  50. Sag – A spinch dish
  51. Potala Rasa
  52. Goti Baigana
  53. Khata
  54. Raita – a yogurt like dish with curd and radish.
  55. Pita
  56. Baigilni
    Mahaprasad consolidates human bond, sanctifies sacraments and grooms the departing soul for its journey upwards.
    (Photos are collected)
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